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Goal: Convince state and local leaders to ensure safe drinking water for our children.
Medical experts estimate that more than 24 million American kids will lose IQ points due to lead exposure. Our research finds many of these kids will be exposed to lead in their schools’ drinking water. 这就是为什么我们要努力把铅取出来.

发生在密歇根州弗林特市的危机., in 2014-15 provided a tragic reminder of the dangers of lead exposure. The drinking water of an entire city had been contaminated with lead. More than 8,000 children under the age of 6 drank lead-contaminated water.

A potent neurotoxin, lead affects how our children learn, grow and behave. 根据 环境保护署,“在孩子, low levels of lead exposure have been linked to damage to the central and peripheral nervous system, 学习障碍, 较短的身材, 听力受损, and impaired formation and function of blood cells."

Now we know this toxic threat extends well beyond Flint. Even the limited available data shows drinking water laced with lead at schools and early childhood programs across the country, in big cities but also in suburban and rural communities. 

Lead is so toxic that health experts say there is no safe level of lead. One drinking water fountain at a Montessori school in Cleveland had 十亿分之1560. A school in the Chicago suburbs had lead-water concentrations at 是联邦标准的212倍. Leicester Memorial Elementary in 麻萨诸塞州 had a tap that tested at 22400磅的.

In all likelihood, these confirmed cases are just the tip of the iceberg. Most schools have at least some lead in their pipes, plumbing or fixtures. And where there is lead, there is risk of contamination.


The only way to ensure safe drinking water for our children is to “get the lead out” of our schools and preschools. This involves proactively removing lead-bearing parts from schools’ drinking water systems — from service lines to 水龙头 and fixtures — and installing filters certified to remove lead at every tap used for drinking or cooking.

These steps cost money, but our children's health is worth it. 为了说服州和地方领导人采取行动,我们 提高意识, especially among parents and parent-teacher associations; doctors, nurses and other healthcare givers; and elected officials themselves.

与此同时, untold numbers of kids are going to school every day and drinking water with lead in it. When we get lead out of a child’s water, we make that child’s future brighter and healthier. 这是值得花钱的东西.


特别是如果你的学校是在2014年之前建的, 很有可能是喷泉的水, 水龙头, and other parts contain significant amounts of lead. Test results can vary widely, but the risk is always there. Ask your local school officials to replace water outlets and install filters certified to remove lead.

In addition, we’re calling on all states to “get the lead out” of schools' drinking water. Please urge your governor to take strong action to protect our children’s health.